Review On Breguet Jewelry Watches 8924 DDS8

Breguet has been put tons of efforts in developing ladies watches, and there were quite a lot of celebrities who preferred Breguet watches rather than others. Breguet melts its independence with technology and its hundreds of years experience on developing watches, thus gaining popularity among ladies. So today, we have Breguet Jewelry Watches 8924 DDS8 and see how its charms ladies.

Breguet Jewelry Watches 8924 DDS8 has a dial that is made of mother of pearl, and under the sunshine, it reflects its infinite shines. There is a Breguet badge at 12 o’clock, exemplifying its blue blood. Delicate skeleton asymmetric blue hands depicts Breguet’s grace. Looking at its layout at the first time, it appears to be bazaar, but with the vertical line and the special angle between with belt, it is quite convenient for reading time. There is a 0.59 carat sapphire and 11 beautiful cut diamonds that weighs 0.35 carat. The blue sapphire diamonds corresponds to the blue strap, displaying the grace to its best. Breguet Jewelry Watches 8924 DDS8 has a 586 automatic winding movement which is fitted with linear escapement, silicon hairspring and 29 rubies. It oscillates at a frequency of 3 Hz, and has 38 hours of energy reserve. Through the inserted sapphire crystal mirror, the working mechanism of the movement is perfectly presented before us, and every Breguet movement has its serial number.

From its foundation in 1775, Breguet has been after by European royalties. Opening its alcove in Paris will acquaint you with many special orders by the esteemed members. Across its history, Breguet not only create a glamorous chronograph history, what goes beyond it is the perfect example of recording human’s exploration on breaking limits and thus, Breguet symbolizes excellence in the watch industry. And you will be charming and elegant while wearing the Breguet Jewelry Watches 8924 DDS8.

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