Breguet Reine De Naples Tailored Zodiac Sign Watch

Sheep, means happiness and benefit in Chinese culture, while in the western culture it appears in a big image. Breguet Reine De Naples Tailored Zodiac Sign Watch are number members in Breguet family, and is fitted with Breguet automatic movement, presenting us with such a beautiful cobble-shaped watch before us. This new excellent chronograph has delicate shell relief skills, appearing to be a vivid goat before you, to embrace the incoming 2015 goat year in China.

Naples and The First Watch
1810, invited by Caroline Musrat, Naples’s queen, Mr.Breguet spent two hours making a long cobble-shaped watch for her. This watch since then become the spring of inspiration of Breguet’s masters who released Reine De Naples in 2002. The unique cobble-shaped case combines styles of 18 century and modern style. After it hit the market, Reine De Naples quickly become cult items among ladies of ages as touches that most mysterious feeling in women hearts.

Graceful design and traditional shell relief adds another classic sense of nostalgia into this Breguet Reine De Naples Tailored Zodiac Sign Watch: curly hairs seems to dance with wind while the vivid goat is about to jump out of the dial. Case inserting with 18k white gold and blue sapphire mirror provide the best protection for the case and best form for it. Through the crystal case back see a golden rotor. This watch is just like a work born in a shell, once gain reflecting Breguet’s remarkable skills. In order to achieve expectation, technicians need to choose shell according to their colors, textures, etc. Shell is a living thing, and it takes much efforts to create such perfect work. And it created the Shell Repousse skill, which makes its workmanship much more exquisite and unique to be an classic chronograph with high quality and accuracy.

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